Network Trading Software

We produce a range of sophisticated trader recruitment solutions and trading simulations for learning about energy and financial markets. Our software has three main configurations.

The Evaluator used by trading managers as a selection tool to measure decision-making skills of potential new traders.

Portfolio Simulator where participants invest capital in a real-time web based simulation over many weeks or months.

Network Trading Simulator where participants explore all aspects of short-term market trading and the dynamics of market price discovery while trading with each other and other counter-parties.

All of our software is developed in house by Network Trading Software staff, which allows us to provide custom solutions for your specific requirements.
We also provide top quality technical support for all our software. Our customers range from the largest global investment banks and energy companies to emerging market banks, and also top ranked educational institutions. Users include new graduates joining in market related roles, sales and trading personnel, middle office and support staff, and business school and MBA students.

Please call our telephone numbers or contact us via our website for all sales enquires. Network Trading Software does not sell any form of hardware.
For more information and to view a demo or participate in a simulation, please contact us: USA call 612 235 6322, or London (+44) 0207 193 8915 or click to contact us by email.

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